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    Is it me or them?
    By Feelin' for Ya'

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    I have also heard that I lucked out and got the good kids. The implied part of this message is that I can't really teach or manage my students successfully; I am just lucky that I got the good ones. Wild isn't it?

    Here's a fair word of warning. You say you are not ready to just ignore her . . . them because it brings you down. I've been in your shoes and going to that person to talk it out -- clear the air -- is NOT the way to fix it. That kind of person will turn it around, make it seem you are the only one with a problem, and you'll end up just feeling even lower and more alone.

    Another thing, no matter how tempting it is to tell your colleague(s) that the principal praised you and your talents profusely, DON"T DO IT. Nothing breeds contempt like the new kid on the block telling how much the administration admires her skills. Just don't be surprised when that "one" who is bugging you so much comes around bragging to you about her successes. When that happens you may be seething inside because you know you can't share your successes with her, even so be sure you are happy for her, or you'll be branded just jealous. I know it's not fair, but life's not fair.

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