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    idea for a too loud class room
    By Rita Zentner

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    I work as a substitute teacher and find myself in many classrooms. One method that I use is "Give me Five" I hold up my hand with my fingers spread out. At times if the class is noisy I say
    "Give me Five" or if they are starting to go off task I will just hold my hand up.

    Five stands for:
    5. Stop what you are doing.
    4. Stop talking
    3. Hands are free (from distrations)
    2. Look at the speaker
    1. Listen

    For the first while you will need to do a count down and say what each is for. Later on all you need to do is count.

    If the class does not settle, then they owe me recess time to make up to class time. I usually use two minutes.

    I have found that this works well.

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