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    Highs and Lows
    By Theresa

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    It sounds like you're having a good first year, and that's great. My first year is so-so, but I'm happy to be surviving at all. I know what you mean about people who belittle your accomplishments. I had a hellish first two weeks, and I was so discouraged. Then, like you, I killed myself to get those kids to work. I was overjoyed by the results. Nonetheless, I told the teacher next door and the (very critical) principal about my victories, and they dashed them off, basically saying they were flukes and things would get worse again. This made me realize how irritating negativity is. On the other hand, we all have our ups and downs. The kids did get worse again, then better, then worse again. It's up and down every single day. I still find in my good moments that the teacher next door will say something like, "They're just quiet because they're tired." I was irritated at first, but I also know that I have done my fair share of venting to her on the bad days, too. The point is, everyone has good days and bad days, good moments and bad moments, good classes and not-so-good classes. And sometimes when it's your worst day ever, it's hard to deal with somebody in the lounge who is just glowing over something great she just did. You feel like maybe it's your fault that you had a bad day. I think people just don't want to deal with this feeling of personal responsibility, so that's why they probably dash off your successes, too. It's irritating when this happens, but just know that someday you might be on the other side of it. I've been on both sides many, many times, and it's only the eighth week of school.

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