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    be careful
    By opal

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    I had a similar situation last year. I had a class of 5th graders who were known as the worst class ever. They had this reputation since kindergarden. I knew I did not have an easy road ahead of me but I approached it with a good attitude. No matter how much they improved, and they did improve some through out the year, other faculty, staff, and volunteers were always putting them down. When they did act up it was all my fault, I didn't have enough control according to my mentor teacher and principal. When I did send terribly misbehavior problems to the principal, he did nothing. Then the students figured it out that the principal was not going to suport me. At the end of the year I was going home crying at least 2-3 times weekly. I hated going to work many mornings and felt totally defeated every time I turned around. I too was told I wasn't mean enough but I never wanted to be a mean teacher. I wanted to have my students look forward to come to class, not be afraid. In the end I wasn't hired back due to low student enrollment. I now have a job I love, but after reading your post I felt I needed to share this with you. My mentor was working against me behind my back. Watch and listen to what she says about you behind your back.

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