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    call me traditional
    By Carolyn

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    Call me traditional, but I wince every time I see the personal pronoun "I" not capitalized. That's just the way I am. I am not going to criticize those who don't. I DO try to correct the kids so that they won't forget to do it.

    I am sure the original poster was thinking as I was and wasn't out to criticize anyone on this board who did not capitalize the word I.

    One thing for sure is that I have seen some errors which I have typed on this board when I have typed in a hurry. My students found a typo on a paper I handed to them one day. I had typed eyars instead of years.

    I guess we need to try to do the best we can with our editing on this board and in our classroom, but I think the message we are trying to convey is the most important aspect here. There's always the delete key on the keyboard and the eraser on the pencil. I guess that's why mine is worn down.

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