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    Not just PC
    By Erica

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    I agree with the other educators who have responded so far in saying that Multicultural sensitivity is essential and relevant in our classrooms. I think that in the current times we are living in, understanding, appreciating, and recognizing different cultures is essential. I have a class of 22 students, primarily African American. As far as I know, none of them are Muslum. I would love, to teach my students about the Muslum culture, in lieu of 9/11, so that they would be more understanding, tolerant, and respectful of this culture. I myself am Christian, but I feel that the treatment of Muslum people at this time has really been cruel and un"Christian-like". I feel that is human beings we need to respect, learn about, and tolerate all people. For that reason, I think that the many Multicultural, ESL, ESOL, trainings and workshops that have taken place are wonderful resources for us educators to be apart of. I know this is long, and a little off-topic, but I wanted to share my views and opinions on the "Multicultural" issue. Hope it helps, and if not, thanks for allowing me to voice my opinion! Good Luck- Erica

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