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    AR Math
    By LM

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    I LOVE AR Math!!! We piloted it in our 5th grade classes last year(thats what grade I teach) and loved it so much, and saw such improvement that we invested enough in it so that all classrooms 1-5 would have the program. It individualizes for each and every child in your class, allowing them to move as quickly or slowly as needed. It gives them instant feedback about their assignments and prints a new one within seconds. It continues to review objectives, so its not like they just master that objective and move on. They do move on, but there will be review problems on every assignment.

    It keeps up with all the grades (less paper work for you) and you can print a report every day that tells you what each child is working on and how quickly they are progressing. It will also tell you which children are having trouble, so that you can sit down and work one on one. It will also flag specific objectives that more then one child is having difficulty with so that you can do a mini lesson. I LOVE IT!!! It helps special education students, talented and gifted, and average also. Everyone doing their own thing. LIke I said before, every assignment is completely individualized. Even if two people are working on the same objectives, their assignments are different.

    The kids love it!!! The only disadvantage is I think some of the 1st grade teachers have had difficulty with bubbling in the scantrons, and it takes a while to get a hang on the program so that you are truly reaping the benefits. Thats it. I'd recommend it to anyone!!!

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