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    pick your battles...
    By jackee

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    i totally hear what everyone is saying. My school is all outdoors and we do not have hallways so it may be a bit different BUT...I feel like this..
    if the kids are quiet and walking properly then they are fine. I know that kids tend to talk..and better to chit chat a bit while moving then during a lesson right...
    I dont know I give my kids some leeway(is that how you spell that...) anyway you know what I mean. I do not allow skipping and jumping and all that but if one kid whispers to another I dont make a big deal about it.
    There are times when I demand full attention from them and complete silence and I just feel like some people focus too heavily on the little things like the squares that one persons principal is all about.
    I have a grade partner who will scream in a kids face if they are talking at all or not standing hands behind there back...yes they listen...
    but they also dont have any respect for her. They fear her not respect her.
    On the other hand I feel like my kids know that I give them a little leway(theres that word again)so that when I need them to be fully focused they are...

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