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    "it's too loud"
    By Manda

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    I for one do not think you are expecting too much from first graders. It seems that no one has expected much of them in the area of discipline, self-control, and most of all respect for their teacher. You are obviously going to have to take the step and implement some form of order in the classroom. We all teach differently and our policies of classroom management are varied as well, but children need some form of structure. If you are spending loads of time during transitions and instructional time trying to "tame" the wild no one is making any gains.
    Like you said the ones that want to learn are becoming frustrated -- who can blame them.
    I have found that I have to change the way I bring my class "back to earth" several times during the year. So i will share some of the things I have done:
    1. take a deck of regular playing cards (no face cards) and pass out to those who are doing the right thing-the one with the highest card gets a prize.
    2. punch card: numbered 1-10 when you see a student doing the right thing use a hole punch to punch card when they have 10 punches reward them w/ a special treat
    3. pass out tickets they can cash in for prizes, or computer time (have a set # they need to get rewarded.
    4. whole group reward: do a marble jar (or hershey kisses/whatever. draw 5 circles on the board at start of day take away for misbehaviors what's left is added to jar when jar is full have a class "behavior party.
    Good luck and hang in there.

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