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    Here's MY opinion
    By LM

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    Thanks for all the ideas!

    I would like to say, I live in a rural community. At least 95% of our school recieves free lunches. The only opportunity that most of these children have to any form of media other than television is what I expose them too. I cannot imagine, as a Social Studies teacher and educator, discussing the most significant event in history that they have lived through. As I told them, when their children are in school they will read about Sept. 11th in their history books. And can you imagine having lived through it and not know what it was all about?

    The main focus of our Afghanistan unit will be to teach tolerance and emphathy. We watched a newscast where the reporters went out into the trenches and talked to refugees who were clueless as to who Bin Laden even was. The refugees didn't even know who was bombing them or why.

    I would never teach my students, or my own children to dislike another culture. Or to stereotype a group of people. But, to not discuss it at all(especially with them initiating it) would be a true disservice to my students, community, and country.

    Thats my opinion

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