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    student involvement
    By Michelle

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    Hi Elaine. Last year, my team mates and I invited students to be a part of their conferences. It went really well. I had made a little questionnaire for them to fill out asking things like " Have you worked to your highest potential this marking period?" "What areas do you feel you are strong in?", "What areas do you feel that you need more help in?" you get the picture. I had them do this a few days before their conference. Then, I looked at them, and put MY answers on them.When the students came in with their parents, we looked at the questions together and decided on a plan of action for the next marking period. It was nice because sometimes the child's perception of how they are doing is different than yours, and this way you can all be on the same page. I don't know if this would be considered "student-led" but it worked for us, and we saw a great deal of improvement in the students that came with their parents. Good luck!

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