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    behavior in related arts
    By Carolyn

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    I have expressed my opinion on this before, but I will do it again here. My feeling is that you are responsible for the children's behavior when they are with you. I don't think you should feel badly about the children's behavior when they are with the P.E., music, art, etc. teachers. They are also teachers, and they should have a discipline plan the same as you do. When your children are with those teachers, they are no longer your children. They're THEIR children, even though you maintain the primary responsibility for them throughout the day.

    You could suggest to your P. E. teacher that the children sit in time out and not get to participate when they misbehave. Kids hate to miss P.E. This is their favorite time of the day, next to recess. By making this sort of suggestion to them, you are placing the responsibility on them, where it belongs.

    Under no circumstances should a related arts teacher send kids to you during your planning period because of misbehavior. You may not be in your room, for one thing, and you do need time for yourself to do your jobs.

    Speak with the teachers, then with your principal if the problem continues.

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