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    Halloween Game
    By Melissa

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    I made up a game that the kids loved. I made game spinners and labeled each section with various pumpkin parts (Eye, Eye, Nose, Mouth, Stem)and made one section with just a orange pumpkin (without an eye, nose, etc.). (Good parent helper project)

    Class is divided into teams, and each team has a spinner, blank sheet of paper, and writing utensil. When you say "go", each team begins spinning. Each child gets to draw what they land on. THE CATCH is that you must keep going around the circle spinning until someone lands on the plain pumpkin section. You can't begin until that's drawn. First completed pumpkin wins. We play several times to increase the chance of each team winning. (It's a good competitive game for the kids who may not excel in physical competition.) There isn't a lot of movement since they have to stay huddled in groups. They love it. I've played this game with 2nd through 4th grade.

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