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    increasing self-selected reading
    By Carolyn

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    A schoolwide program which is designed to motivate the whole student body appears to increase self-selected reading time and effort. We have a program for our K-1 children called "Rock and Read." Our program for 2-6 children is highly effective.

    Here's how it works: Children read a book which is given a point rating, based upon its length. Once the child has finished reading the book, he/she can take a test on it on the computer (Scholastic Books, Inc. "Electronic Bookshelf").
    If the child passes, he/she receives a coupon from the teacher for the number of points which were earned from the book. The child can also do a project on the book and/or write a book report to gain extra points on the book or any other book which has been read. Once the child has acquired 10 points, he/she can redeem the coupons at our "Bookstore" for new books of choice. To add to this incentive, we have a schoolwide reading awards program at which prizes are given out to those children who have read a lot of books. The school's winning reader is announced to everyone. The highest class is announced as a winner and receives special treats. It is a real celebration. The kids at our school love it.

    The program is successful, overall, however, there are some children who just plain don't want to earn the points no matter how much you ask them. I have had students who have earned 250 points, and I have had studnets who have earned only 10 the entire time.

    I think that when you get down to it, no matter what you do, there are always going to be those children who just won't read.

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