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    Who me?? Forget????
    By K. Moreau

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    I am so glad that I am not the only one who is struggling with "forgetfulness". I just started the third "phase" of a 27-year teaching career. The first 13 years were spent teaching 3rd grade. The next 13 were spent teaching French to third, fourth, and fifth graders. This was done with absolutely NO materials or supervision. I literally did everything on my own, and did it all my way. I was never checked upon or given any guidance or criticism for that matter. Thank goodness I have ethics, because I could have done little or nothing those 13 years and no one would have known it!
    Now for the last phase. I was told in June that the position of French teacher was being traded for a technology teacher. I was given the new position of 2nd grade teacher. I love my new job, but I just can't seem to get the "flow" going. I feel so behind the veteran teachers, and I, like you, am constantly feeling in a state of confused turmoil. Also, we are in a new reading series, so I feel like I am working so hard and still not keeping on top of everything. That, and, my co-workers are very "attached" to using printed worksheets (dittos). To me, it is just WAY too much paper, and I don't think the kids are getting all they should as far as a variety of learning styles being met. But if I veer off on my own, I feel like I will look like I don't appreciate all that they have done to get me started on my new career.
    Couple what I just said with the fact that I am always putting things down and not able to find them in the next 30 seconds. What is that all about???? I feel flustered, and the kids are picking up on it too. I stay late after school everyday, an hour or hour and a half, just to "set up" my next day's lessons. Even so, I feel like I am drowing under tons of paper and lost stuff!!!
    Sorry this isn't helpful, but I just wanted to vent and tell you that you aren't alone!!!!

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