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    By Casey

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    This is just my opinion, so take it or leave it, lol...

    I think it's wonderful that you are following your students' interests and trying to educate them about current events. However, I tend to think that kids don't need to know in detail what is going on. The basics, sure, but anything more may be just too much information. They are children after all, and they won't be able to comprehend on the level that is needed to truly understand what's going on. Plus, they are probably being bombarded with it at home through the media their parents subscribe to, and it is probably overwhelming to them. I think we should try to keep *school* as normal and routine as possible, since nothing else in their lives is at the moment.

    My sister is in fourth grade in a different city from where I teach, and her teacher has gone overboard with this. Sis has to research, read newspapers, write about her opinions on certain things, etc. It's just too much. She's aready nervous, and all of these assignments are making her downright scared.

    I believe that if we just continue to teach them what we've always taught them - tolerance and understanding of all people - everything will fall into place.

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