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    By Erika

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    WOW something I know alot about.

    Are you working with bisqued work?

    Has it been fired? I assume so.

    If so consider doing a real pit firing. It's easy dig a hole just big enough for the work, you also will need a peice of tin (like tin roofing) that can sufficently cover the hole. Pack the work in amongest sawdust, newspaper, charcoal, wood, dry cow poop, anything that burns, You can pour a couple boxes of just plain ole table salt(this adds a touch of color flashing) in among the work. Light that sucker off and watch it burn. If the kids are involved remind them just as in any ceramic process, anything can happen. Work can come out black, white, or any kind of wonderful "flashing", and work can sometimes come out broken becuase things shift in the fire. Any way after the fire gets going put the tin over it to help smother it. The fire needs to burn for several hours so you may need to move the tin off for a few minutes every hour ( dont forget welding gloves) this keeps the fire burning.
    AFter a several hours just leave the tin on the pit and let the fire smother out.
    I'm not sure what grade this is for but I have seen kids as young as 8 do this kind of thing.
    But you can just as easily do it by yourself on a weekend for the kids if it cant be managed during your class or classes.
    You can also do this on a MUCH smaller scale with small ceramic peices packed in sawdust and salt a big coffee can with holes punched in it... let the open end rest on the bottom of a bbq pit( dont worry if some of it spills out.put charcoal or wood around it and light it off... Let it burn out. When it is cooled take a look. This is an awsome history of pottery lesson

    Anyway I'm sorry if this isn't what you meant but let me know I might be able to help still. I was a Studio Art major and specialized in Ceramics . And still have more ideas for ya but I would need to hear more about what you are working with Good luck.

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