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    Piercings and tattoos
    By Jazzy

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    Dear Jenna,
    I would be interested to know what snide remark from a parent you received. I have five earrings in each ear(including a tragus ring) a navel ring, a tongue ring and two tattoos. I found your post interesting because I have often wondered what kind of impression I'm making. But ultimately I think it is my right to self-expression. I leave my earrings in all the time. One of my tattoos is on my ankle and is pretty visible. If students comment on it I am always quick to say "You have to be 18 to get one." I dress professionally but you are right-sometimes if you lean over or reach your arms up your clothing moves with you, even if you are wearing an otherwise long shirt. A student of mine saw my navel ring when I put on my coat. All she said was "Do you have a belly ring?" and I said yes. Big deal! The same thing happened with the tattoo on my back. No parent or teacher has ever made a comment to my face. I do take my tongue ring out every morning because I'm afraid of how that will be perceived. I left it in once by accident and the kids were distracted by it. I think what is underneath your clothes is your business and earrings have nothing to do with how good a teacher you are!

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