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    By Jenna

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    Well, maybe you didn't read all of my original post. I stated that SOME of the older teachers in my school dress like slobs, not that ALL "older" teachers dress unprofessionally. I also don't believe that is an attack, merely an observation. All teachers should dress in an appropriate manner, we are professionals, and sneakers, jeans, and sweats belong at home or during non-school hours.

    We as educators are there to be role models for the students. Appropriate dress says a great deal about how you care for yourself. On the other side, piercings and tattoos can serve to teach the children a valuable lesson. Not all people come from the same culture, religion, or race, and there are bound to be physical differences. Tattoos and piercings add to a person's individuality, and we should be teaching our children not to judge others based on how they look.

    In my opinion, tattoos and piercings have become a part of mainstream American culture, and are no longer perceived as being weird or for freaks. Actaully, I believe that my pierced ears add to my approachability for some of the students, particularly the older kids. They see me as someone they can relate to, not an old-fashioned, out-of-date "adult". Yet they respect me, mostly because of the manner in which I treat them.

    As to your other question, sometimes your navel or back can inadvertantly be exposed to the kids. I teach K, and sit on the floor a lot and also bend over to tie many shoes. At times, the kids may even lift ou my shirt a bit (you know how the little ones can be). I am always conscious of this, but sometimes it happens anyway. Unless you wear a moo-moo, this can happen to anyone.

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