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    Taking a break
    By Grace

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    I'm sorry, but I don't agree with your idea of taking a break. Remember that someone else has to take care of your class when you are not there. In our school the children are split round the other classes. All our staff are under the same amount of stress and pressure and this then affects everyone and can make people very resentful if they have struggled in and they know there is nothing really wrong with you. And again, if you take a break from a bad class the problems are still there when you come back.
    Back to the original problem. Is the classroom assistant well trained in looking after an autistic child? Were you doing anything different on the day when he was so bad. I have an autistic child living next door to me. I know that she has to have her set routine. I also know that any loud noises can be very painful for an autistic child and cause all kinds of distressed behaviour. Why not go to your principal and ask him to observe in your room for a while as you need his advice on how to cope with the child and all the other children too. This may give him a better idea of the problems you are facing.
    Did none of the other parents object after that day, because I'm sure the children went home and said what was happening? You really need some help with this. If all else fails, how about approaching your union ( if you have one). They will advise you on what you should or could do. I hope you get this all sorted out as I spent the first few weeks this term dreading going into school and I know what it's like to feel you are losing the battle. I'm not out of the woods yet but each day is getting a little easier. I hope it will for you too. Grace

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