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    It's tough for sure, but....
    By Michelle

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    I subbed and I know that kids can say some mean things, especially when they think it's getting to you. I usually say: "Wow, that is so great, I'll be sure to let Ms. Perm know that you missed her so much. She will really appreciate it." or "Prehaps is we finish early, we can write Mr. Perm a letter letting him know how much you missed him." I also like to say, "I may not be your perm teacher, but I have come to like you in this timeframe, but I am sure that your perm teacher is really missing you. One day I hope my class likes me as much." With a maternity leave, it's great to get the class involved with a welcome back note. They can draw a picture and write a little note saying welcome back and tell her a joke.

    Kids want a reaction, so they start with the stuff that they believe might hurt you because it's what would hurt them. I try never to make any student feel badly about wanting to be in another class or vice versa. When it's me they want, I say, "I'm mean and nasty, and I yell all the time!" Or, when they say they want another teacher, I say, "You know....(long pause) I bet she would be very happy to hear such a compliment."

    Don't feel badly, they're kids. They love and dislike within minutes, but mostly they really want to like adults and to trust them.

    Good luck!


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