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    By Karen

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    In my school system, we give each student an day planner book called a Best Book...each student and parent agrees to follow the Best Program stating that homework will be completed and checked by a parent each night - yea,right! I teach 6th grade and the missing work list just keeps growing. I post assignments in the room each day, post them on a web site, sign Best Books and regularly send home "missing work" lists to be signed and returned. I even grade them on if they bring it back signed or not (yes=100, no = 0) and I post a missing assignment list in my room! I WILL NOT look in desks, lockers or backpacks. If it's not in my work bin -it's a zero. If it's late, it loses a letter grade for each day it's late. I also don't give them time in school to make up the work. Homework is just that - and it's the student's to get it done and the parent's responsibility to make sure it does. I hate to sound harsh, but I'm through hand-holding and babysitting. I think by 6th grade, they should be taking some responsiblity. As I always tell my students - "I don't give you a grade - you give yourself a grade with the choices you make, your actions and your ability to be responsible."

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