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    Rock Flip book and Rock Cycle Game
    By teach1978

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    All I do is have the kids fold a sheet of paper in half "hamburger" style. LOL Then cut one half in thirds cutting from the edge of the paper to the center fold, creating three flaps. We then label each flap with sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. Under the flaps students have to draw a picture of one kind of each rock, label it, and explain how that type of rock is formed. Its a fun way to practice with the information.

    I also played a game this time with the rock cycle. I gave each student a paper labeled with either igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. I then sent three kids to the front of the room with their paper. They had to choose one of their classmates to exchange their paper with. Each student in the exchange had to tell how they went from the first type of rock to the second type. For example, if igneous was exchanged for sedimentary, the child who got igneous would say "I melted and then cooled and hardened into igneous rock" and the child who got sedimentary would say "Weathering and erosion broke me down over many years and I formed layers that were cemented together with pressure." Then I would pick three more kids. It sounds confusing, but they really did well with it.

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