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    Fast Workers
    By Laura

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    I taught gifted students in TX and the big thing is independent research when finished with work. So your research idea is right on track. Let's get it organzied.

    1. Have your student go to the library and pick a nonfiction book that interests her. Do NOT have her read it.

    2. Have her fill out a KWL chart. First she'll do the K and the W. What I KNOW about my subject already. What I WANT to know about my subject. On the what I WANT to know part I'd have her think of AT LEAST 5 things.

    3. Then she is to read the text...keeping an eye out for any anwers to her questions.

    4. Then make sure she closes the book to write in the L part...What I've LEARNED. This teaches her to put it in her own words and not copy. She at least needs to put down 10 new things she's learned.

    5. After the KWL chart has been filled out - you check it over. Then she will create a TOP 10 list. The TOP 10 things I've learned about _________. It needs to be written, edited, and recopied.

    6. She'll share this with you then it's time to decide on a product. The whole point of the research is that she becomes an "expert" on her topic and teaches the class. She needs to design a product of some sort so when she presents to the class they have something to look at or participate in. I usually have them read their Top 10 list and then show the product. Products can be anything from a poster, to a game show where the student gives facts and then quizzes the class. I've had students bring in guest speakers, design a bulletin board, design a museum and walk kids through, design bookmarks for the class, create a calendar, do an army simulation with tanks and helicopters toys...

    7. Time to present. I have my kids practice first before sharing with the class. But this is what I've found. Once you have one person do research and present and feel the "coolness" of teaching the class, you might have others interested in doing the same. I had 2 "fast workers" (1 GT, 1 not) start research, and once they presented, the whole class was wanting to research too!

    Hope this helps. Keep it simple and fun! As they progress you can do more with multiple resources and bibliography. Godd luck!

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