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    Journals - Yellow highlighter- Spelling - Really Long
    By Sharon D.W.L

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    I really want to get my studnets writing earlier this year. Each Friday we do a class journal with a blank. I write it on a printing chart that is on the front board. Last Fridays was

    For Halloween I would like to be ________________.

    We read it over three times together. We talk out loud and brain storm ideas on the board. I tell the children to try and print the words as best they can, I'll love them no matter what! If they have trouble I tell them they can start on their picture that matches these words. I sit at an empty table and one at a time I call the children up to see how they are doing with the printing. If they what me to, I use a thin yellow highlighter and have them trace the words. I also use the marker to fill in the blank for those who are not yet ready to fill it in themselves. This week coming we will begin "My Journal" which will be done at first once a week and eventually twice a week. On Thursday we will brainstorm journal ideas to write about. I will give them a choice of about three the first time. Again I will print the three in different colours on the printing chart. I will ask them to try and copy the words they choose. If they want to they can do their picture first to match the words. I will call each child up one at a time and using my yellow marker I will print out what the child needs. He/she will have to trace it and then re-read it with me. The following week only about 10 children will work on a Journal each Tuesday or Thursday but we will do the same process. I have a small class this year (19 students) and this is a huge help when it comes to the writing process. Also once we start our word wall words (I hope within a week or two) I will no longer trace print a word wall word. I will help the student find the word on our word wall but they must take responsibility for printing it.

    By January I will give each child a "Trying Book" which is a small notebook that they can use when trying to spell a word. They must bring me the book and ask me the word. It can not be a word wall word. I'll ask the beginning sound and if they give me it I'll write it down, if not I'll let them try up to three times to get the first letter. At first I'll put blanks for the consonants and give them the vowels. I'll ask the child to fill in the blanks with the sounds they hear.
    Example: house

    __ __ __ __ __ (five letters)

    hou_e What sound do you hear when you say "houSe". I make them pronounce the word too. If they say "f" I say try it... so it looks like houfe I say good guess it is a consonant but not an "f" Say it again... I have the child try it three times. I'm looking for effort. After three tries I give them the letter if they are still not successful but I praise their effort for trying! I teach all ESL children and they have a lot of trouble with minimal pair sounds which means that confuse a lot of letters P/B M/N T/D S/F/V Last year most of my studnets looked for the word "the" under "d" on our word wall... Later in the year around April I won't give them the vowels right away. Instead I'll tell them it's a vowel by puting a little "v" under the blank. I'll look to see if they choose a vowel in that space. We review our vowels daily!
    house would look like

    __ __ __ __ __
    v v v

    This is my poster
    How to Sound Words Out - Do this in your trying book or on scrap paper.

    - Figure out how many letters are in the word.
    (The teacher uses blanks to show this. I use the word "fun")

    - Say the first sound and write it down.

    - Say the last sound and write it down.

    - Say the middle sound and write it down. Did you use at least one vowel? The vowels are a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y.

    - Did you check the word wall for this word?
    - Did you check our noun dictionary for this word?
    - Ask three other people (classmates) before me! See the teacher or program assistant if you still need help.

    Sorry this is so long! I love the ideas.

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