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    be an individual!
    By Sherri

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    We, as teachers, may be a big influence on the kids we teach BUT do we not also teach them that they have to be an individual and do things because they are right for them NOT because everyone else is doing it? Just because a teacher has multiple piercing and a tatoo does not tell her students that they should do the same thing. I can't understand a school district that frowns upon piercings and tatoos unless they are radical. Most teachers are professional enough not to get anything in bad taste. We have several staff member with multiple piercings and a few with tatoos (I have neither). In fact our principal, in conjunction with a fund raiser last year, got multiple piercings. She now has 5 in one ear and 4 in the other. Our 8th grade teacher, for the same fundraiser, got a tatoo. We have to keep in mind that we are teachers and do have some influence on our students but first and formost we are individuals.

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