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    behavior plans
    By Jennie

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    In my experience, kids who are that "bad" do not reform with a simple behavior plan. Usually, there are more critical issues involved which can't simply be wiped out with a behavior plan, especially by the time a child is in fourth grade and has been acting this way for the past four years. He probably has some deep emotional problems which are going to take much more than a teacher can do alone.

    My suggestion is that you have a conference with your child's parent(s). Discuss the problems. They are probably already aware of them, and they are probably also concerned enough to want to change them. I have had parents of kids of this sort who are basically at the end of their rope where their child is concerned.

    At the conference, ask the parent who HE/SHE thinks works best with the child. This was actually suggested to me by the guidance counselor at our school. This puts the parent in the seat of control over his/her child and encourages active participation from him/her.

    Contact the parent EVERY DAY about what was good, what was bad. If possible, have the parent come into the school after school each day to report to him/her how the day went. This has some degree of success and has been used by some teachers at my school.

    Try to see if positive reinforcement works with him. Write up a bunch of coupons. You may have to hand them out frequently at first. After one hour, maybe less, give him a coupon to show that he has done well. I have done this. With this type of child, you have to let him know often how he is doing. Don't just wait until the end of the day. If this child has a certain number of coupons by the end of the day, give him some sort of privilege or treat. I have one who is physically aggressive, and this seems to work with HIM. I am not sure about your little guy, though, although it might be worth a try.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.

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