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    By Maggie

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    When I taught fourth grade I had a wheel (large round circle drawn on paper divided into sections). Each section listed a different genre and was divided into three parts. I gave each student a copy of the wheel to be kept in their folder. When they finished reading a book they had to color in one of the 3 sections for that genre. They couldn't read any more than 3 books for each genre before they had to pick another genre. I had one little girl who loved the Boxcar books. She would have spent the entire year reading that series if I didn't make her choose other genres. So after 3 Boxcar books she had to find something different to read. I kept track of their wheels to ensure they were varying their books. For those children who read a lot they could get a new wheel when they completed the first one. It was a very visually way for them to see what choices they had and for me to see what they were reading. They were also required to turn in a very simple paper on each book which basically listed the title, author,genre, something they liked about the book and whether they would recommend it to a friend or not and why. It only took a few minutes to fill out in class when they had a free moment.I used these to see how many books they were reading in a marking period. I gave extra credit for their independent reading.

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