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    Rounding game
    By SSB

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    Tell them a story of 2 friends who wanted to visit each other. Make up names. . .Tom and Jerry. . .whatever. Draw 10 boxes for houses. . .1st house is Tom's & 10th house is Jerry's. Tom wants to go over to visit at Jerry's cuz he's got a really great Nintendo/Sega system/whatever, so he starts out strolling down the avenue to go to Jerry's. He gets to the 3rd house and all of a sudden it starts to pour down rain! I mean buckets. . .cats and dogs (make it up to exaggerate as much as you want). So Jerry turns around and runs as fast as he can back to his house. Big question: Why did he run back to his house?

    Rain lets up, clears and he starts off again. . .gets to 4th house (6th, 9th, whatever suits you for the story length). Big question: What does he do when he gets to each different house?

    Let's say he only makes it to the 5th house. Big question again: What does he do then? He could go either way, but it's way more fun to go on to Jerry's. No sense in going back and being bored all by himself.

    To add clarity about adding the extra number if it is 5 or above, Tom is one more kid than was at Jerry's to begin with. If Tom has to go back to his house (below 5), it stays the same as it was to begin with.

    Have fun with it. Most kids got it. Some couldn't get it no matter what I did!!


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