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    By Alison

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    I can sympathise with you. I have had similar problems. As a first year teacher I was new to the school and the school district. I had only been at the school for one term when it was time for student reports. I decided that I would take this opportunity to meet the parents of the students in my class- so I requested all parents schedule a parent teacher conference. The other staff at the school tried to discourage me (they believe in doing the bare minimum work. Another story).

    To cut a long story short most parents were lovely. But one parent (who I have had issues with from day1) began the meeting with the words. " He was fine until you came". What do you say to that? I asked her to elaborate and she said that her son came home and told her that I picked on him etc. The thing is he is one of my best kids. We get on great!

    Anyway the meeting went downhill from there. I think I handled my self well (although I was in a bit of shock). This parent continued to harass me. Once in particular writing nasty notes to me in her child's homework book. It was the last straw. I was nearly in tears when I took it to the principal and he rang her immediately. From then on she has been sickeningly sweet to me.

    Wow it is nice to get that off my chest.
    PS The parent lives next door to me in this very small town!! Lucky!

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