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    series placement tests
    By pat

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    I have to play devil's advocate here for just a minute. Did your children take the reading placement test for the Harcourt Series? If so, it is possible that their scores show they are not reading on the grade level for THAT reading series. We had a similar problem when we implemented a new series four years ago. We gave that series placement test to our students and many that were handlng grade level work prior to starting this series were then "identified" as reading below grade level. Just be cautious--weigh these results against standardized tests and your own individual reading inventories or a DRS. You might be surprised to see that not as many students are reading below level as you think. They can still be reading below level according to the tested skills in the series (remember--a series has graduated skills and a placement test often builds on skills inherent to the series, so if you gave a fourth grade placement test and then worked your way down as the children didn't meet success, then you might need to consider that their lack of success might be attributed to specific skills in the series). Just some food for thought and I could be completely wrong, but I wanted to mention that this was the problem we ran into when we adopted a new series.

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