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    Mystery Readers
    By Linda/2/NJ

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    I have had Mystery Readers for 4-5 years now, and the best situation I had was when my class parent arranged the mystery readers so even I was surprised when the person arrived.

    Since that only happened once, I've had to send a letter to the parents asking them to volunteer. Then, I try to schedule them at a convenient time for all of us.

    Here is a sample letter. I hope it helps.

    Dear Parents,

    We are looking for Mystery Readers!!!

    A Mystery Reader can be a parent, guardian, relative, sibling, close friend, teacher, etc. who shares a favorite or well-liked children's book with the class. The role of the Mystery Reader is to remain anonymous until he/she enters the classroom on the designated reading day. The program is supposed to be a surprise, so even your own child cannot know that you will be reading to the class. Since our time is limited, we may only have 1-2 Mystery Readers per week. I would like to start this program as soon as possible. I encourage you to join this exciting program and share your love of books with our children! Thanks for your enthusiasm!!! If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please sign your name, phone number, and times you are available below and return this page to school as soon as possible.

    Name ____________________________________________

    Phone Number _____________________________________

    Day: Time(s):
    Monday ____________________________________
    Tuesday ____________________________________
    Wednesday ____________________________________
    Thursday ____________________________________
    Friday ____________________________________

    *Please remember that we cannot have Mystery Readers during our lunch (11:30-12:30) or special periods (Monday 12:40-2:00 [Week #2], Tuesday Thursday 2:35-3:10; Friday 1:25-2:00).

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