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    Fun Friday
    By Darcy

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    How about a scavenger hunt... either an outside "find objects" one, or a "within the classroom" one where they have to look up word meaning in a dictionary, count the number of floor tiles, etc... I've done an outdoor one with my grade 6 for science... they had to find an arthropod, a deciduous leaf, etc... (you can relate it to the curriculum). Make it short, give them maximum 10 minutes and the first group back wins a small prize. Encourages team work, and can be related to the curriculum.

    Or drama related games are fun- e.g. you pair them off, they each write down if they could be any career, what would they be. Then one is the "interviewer", the other is a famous person in that career and they have to do an interview together. This is improv. Then you could have a few of them present.

    Some sort of game or challenge that's related to the curriculum would be fun!

    Hope this helps.... good luck!

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