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    Have Time?
    By G.M.

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    This is to any teacher that is about to go NUTS and needs a few tips regarding classroom management, ecspecially discipline management.

    To be brief, I was a first year teacher last year.
    Resigned after 5 months 'cause I did not want to donate my physical, mental and emotional health to the younger generations. (I had a class that would bring tough veterans to their knees; fortuanately the kids were placed on different tracks for this year.) Anyway . . .

    As miserable as I was last year, the passion for teaching has not withered away; it's up and flaming again. (Sometimes, I think it's a curse.) So, I'm doing some subbing. tutoring, And most impotantly I have scouted around for some good books on classroom managment.

    I recently ran across what I consider a GREAT book. It's by Fred Jones, titled "Tools for Teaching."

    This is his newest book out. I read, or should say, I tried to read his other two books regarding this topic and never finished 'cause I fell asleep. This newest book is written in a humorous manner, which helps alleviate the frustration you all are experiencing. (It even has cartoons that actually make you laugh; you gotta be a teacher though to get the humor) It really points out all the common mistakes that new and not so new teachers make on a daily basis.

    Jones is a clinical psychologist and has been surrounded by teachers all his life (for example, his mother was/is a teacher). He has spent around 20 years observing teachers and he shares what he has learned in this book.

    I just can't say enought about it. I realize that you are all very busy with your teaching duties. However, I think it would be well worth your time and money to get it. You can order it online through Barnes and Nobles, for example. I think I paid around $24 for it.

    I don't normally recommend books because there are so many goods ones out there; however, I think this is an exceptional book. Therefore, I don't feel funny plugging it.

    Stay Positive! easier said than done, but possible.

    Smiles to you all G.M.

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