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    Psycho Lady
    By Reg

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    I know where you are coming from, and this poor woman seems to have some sort of anxiety disorder.It seems that she doesn't have anything to do during the day to keep her mind off of him.

    When my son was in Kindergarten, I walked him to the door, there were several of us parents "hanging out." What my son's teacher did was to give us work! It got to the point that I decided to drop him off and run out of there before I had to color, copy or glue something. And, it was always a big project.

    If she keeps cornering you, and yuo just can't ditch her, give her a job. "Can you pick up the class some treats?" "Can you run to staples to pick up some color folders?" "Can you change the hamster cage?" Give her a job to get her out of there. (Make sure she has to go somewhere else to or pick it up.)

    My friend used to over dwell on her son, and it turned out her husband was screwing around on her. I think she thought her self-worth was wrapped around how involved she was in her son and how successfull he was (Actually, he was a little brat - no discipline for the little prince.) There is probably something else going on in a relationship that she is trying to be super mom. Anyway that is just a thought.

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