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    Book Report With A Surprise
    By Jennifer

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    Hi..I just assigned my 5th graders a Mystery or Scary Story book Report to tie in with Halloween/October. They read a mystery book or scary story and create a "hidden" book report that is full of "surprises". First, have them read the book and take notes on story elements(plot, characters,setting.) Have a notes checking day where you check their progress. Then have them draw a large picture that represetns something in the story.(ex..Haunted House). Require that the illustration be detailed amd colored. Have them create hidden "doors or windows". I have seven "secret windows". Behind each window have them write the book report items. Here are the items I have them do:
    Door 1: 5 adjectives describing the main character.
    Door 2: A significant quote with a reason for choosing it.
    Door 3: A simile that compares something in the book to something else.
    Door 4: A new title for the book with a reason.
    Door 6: 3 unfamiliar words with definitions.
    Door 7: A rating of the book with reasons. I have them use stars. (*****)
    This is a great book report because it gets away from the standard story map and it lets the kids be creative. Let me know if you have any questions. Email me.

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