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    By vl

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    I agree with those who get the kids ready to go early. I have the students load their daily take home folder with all returned work, homework, school notices etc. Then I dismiss them by table to put those folders into their backbacks. I have a situation where we are dismissed at 2:30 and all students are either picked up from the class or if they are still there by 3:00 I take them to daycare. 30 minutes of time to fill for some of them. I have what we call fun centers. Bascially toys in plastic tubs, rubber stamps, drawing paper, etc. I allow two students to use a center at one time. They can also work on homework if they would rather do that. If they leave a mess I remove that center for the following day. It has been working well so far. I have rules about where they can play and about the noise level. It's not the quietest solution, but they usually leave on a happy note.
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