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    gum drops and fruit loops
    By jyoung

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    One super hands on way is to make as many gum drop towers as place values you are studying. To make a tower place a toothpick into a gum drop to make it stand up, then call out a number and students build the number on their towers. I have students put their towers on a place value matt, then they know how many fruit loops to place on each tower. It is fun.

    Another is to make index cards with the numerals 0-9 on individual cards. Call students up to stand in front and give each a card. Have students arrange themselves into the smallest number, the biggest number, a number with a 7 in the tens place, etc. Then have the class announce the nember.

    Place value musical chairs. Put up as many chairs up as places and have students move around the line of chairs as you play music then they all sit when the music stops and the class reads the number. You can have students not participating come and stand where the commas should be. You can also ask questions about the numbers you have created.

    I always have fun with place value. Hope these ideas help.


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