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    By G.M.

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    I think it's really important that you shared your first teaching experience. Sorry to hear that it was such a nightmare, however. It clearly shows that one can endure the class from hell. I don't know how you did it! Perhaps you could share your strategies you used with those who are contemplating resignig. For one thing, you must have realized that it wasn't all you; it was the combination of kids that you were given. Like me, it looks as though you were giving too many challenging students at once.

    I would like to comment about having your license revoked if you resign midyear. That can happen. Fortunately, it did not happen in my case. Even though it did not, it would be so much better if I had not. It does not look good on a resume. Some choose to leave their resignation off; however, I don't have that option. I can very easily be interviewed by someone who knows someone that knows of me and my experience.

    Asking for help is a must! But in some cases, like mine, help can be very sparse. The most important thing is is not to give up! Yep, I did. But if I had to do it over again, I would not. And, therefore, I strongly encourage anyone to keep on going no matter how difficult it is. It is worth it in the end. Don't you think?

    Sincerely, G.M.

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