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    cons for homeschooling
    By pj

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    This is biased and I admit it but here is my one concrete reason against home schooling

    I was at the doctor's office and struck up a conversation with a little guy
    Hi I said what's your name?
    what grade are you in?
    I'm not I'm home schooled
    Oh how old are you?
    Oh what does an eight year old learn at home school?
    I'm learning the alphabet.
    Oh, I say what are you learning about the alphabet?
    His sister says he doesn't know the alphabet he's just learning it.
    Oh I say and do you know how to count?
    before he can answer his sister says only to 20
    Oh I say can you count to 20 for me?
    He begins, gets to about 7 and stumbles I help and he goes on to 13 skips 14 and 15 and ends at 20.
    I ask him can he write his name?
    No he replys...

    Well, what's mom been teaching this kid for the last 3 years????? He doesn't know his alphabet yet and he's 8??? He didn't appear to have any physical disabilities nor glasses or hearing aides. I teach special education and I was beginning to ask assessing questions when I was called into the doctors office....but clearly this child needed some special services or his parents had no clue how to educate thier children. What's to happen to this boy? How many others are like him????

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