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    Thematic Units
    By jennifer

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    Oh, did I hate these when I was doing student teaching. And, as a teacher, I did only ONE! Anyhow, I'm assuming you're doing NEW YORK STATE (NYS)? I will tell you what I did for a thematic unit, I combined physical activity (We played a game the Aztecs played), we did skits relating to the Aztec history, we did stories as if we were Aztecs using vocabulary words, and all our writing skills. We read some stories and wrote reviews. On the computer, we did an Aztec newspaper, a flyer of sorts, detailing life in the Aztec world. We made some food. I think there is so much to do, you should just try to incorporate many different learning styles. You can incorporate math, writing, reading, speaking, just about anything! If it's strictly geography, you can have the kids make a huge map, they can do something artistic with clay, if you wish, there are endless possibilities. You can make up a song, write stories, do skits, many things to do. Good luck!

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