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    By Susan E.

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    I am a Reading recovery Teacher and SPED ed. In RR we often do a quick letter Identification using an array of magnetic letters. Start with overlearning one letter, example: Have many "b"s embedded in an array of visually disimilar letters, such as v u n m, Have them pick out all the b's . Then use a white board to draw a "b", using their finger like a pencil have them trace the shape.(sometimes it helps to have them say out loud how the letter is formed, "staight down and a circle to the right")As they trace over the letter this will erase the "b" on the board. Then have them immediately make a new "b" on their own. Next overlearn the "d" using the same poceedures, again embedding the "d" in an array of unlike letters. You can have them trace over the 'd' and say "a circle then a line straight down to the right". Finally create an array of primarily "b"s and'd''s,throw in some upper case letters (B and D) for variety. Have them sort all the "b's then next time all the d's. The Quercetti letters have ridges and are good to trace tactilely right on top of the magnetic letter and this helps with some kids too. I find them the best (check out Hope this helps

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