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    Voice Levels
    By Vegas

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    Below is the sample from the newest edition (p. 155) of CHAMPS:

    0=No sound/No talking
    Examples: Taking a test, listening to a concert

    1=Whisper (no vocal cords)
    Example: Asking another student a question during an independent work time in which
    conversation is allowed

    2=Quiet conversational voice (Only people near you can hear.)
    Examples: Two or three students walking down the hall, four students working in a
    cooperative group

    3=Presentational voice (An entire class can hear you.)
    Examples: A student giving a report, a teacher teaching a class

    4=Outside voice (You can be heard across a playing field.)
    Example: Cheering a football game

    This is just a sample from CHAMPS, but it is not required. The new edition also comes with a CD-ROM that has picture and text icons for each letter.

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