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    Miscue Analysis
    By Jamie

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    Hi Susan-

    I can't answer all of your questions, but I can tell you what a miscue analysis is. We do them in our school as part of a reading inventory. When we test for reading levels on our students, the student reads a passage aloud and we have to follow on a separate form. Whenever the child makes an error in reading, we note the error on the paper (substitutions, omissions, etc). After the test is over, we do a miscue analysis, which basically is a chart where you note the miscue (what the student read incorrectly) and whether it was graphically similar, syntactically similar, semantically acceptable, etc. to the original text. We also note when the student self corrects. Then you add up the totals in each column mentioned above to find out what area the child needs the most help in or what miscues he's making the most often. This helps in determining what instruction would best benefit a child in need of an Individual Literacy Plan. We use the Quantitative Reading Inventory (QRI) in our school, but in college I learned to give these tests with the Flynt-Cooter Reading Inventory. I think you could probably use either of these titles to find out more about the who, what, whens of this subject. I hope that wasn't too confusing, and good luck finding the rest of your info!

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