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    By CD

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    I would have them express their feelings about what has happened in whatever way they might choose. Perhaps writing a poem, rap, letter to the President for written expression. Others might want to paint or sculpt something that represents how they feel. I would spend more time letting kids express themselves right now and perhaps later inthe year have them come up with a way to honor those who died or were injured. They are probably so scared/upset/disturbed inside that it may take a long time for some of them to be able to express any emotion besides rage or sadness. You may also have kids that joke about it or laugh inappropriately.
    This is so hard for all of us to fathom and it is even harder forkids. Just be there, listen and allow them to talk and try to keep some routine because they need that from you too. I am sure we all wish you the very best; I am so sorry that you and your kids had to be exposed to something so horrible!

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