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    Welcome Letter
    By Gala Bridges

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    I Had the same problem. I found this letter on the net. Hope it helps
    I look forward to a year where we continue to strengthen the basic foundations of learning and to build upon those skills. With your help, encouragement, and teamwork your child will accomplish so much this year.
    I truly believe that every child is gifted and talented in their own unique way. I encourage your child to celebrate and share their talents and accomplishments, yet expand their learning by attempting new areas and ideas that they may be hesitant in trying. Our classroom is a safe environment, where children are encouraged to explore and grow academically. We all make mistakes and a great deal can be learned from our mistakes and errors. Praise, shared experiences, laughter, positive and loving encouragement helps overcome many of the challenges your child may encounter this year.
    Throughout the year, your child may look to you for assistance. Please give him/her the help needed, however, please do not let your enthusiasm for the assignment overtake your child's responsibility for completing the assignment. As a parent, encouraging independence and personal responsibility is the greatest gift you can share.
    Please let me know of areas of concern that you have with your child. It is important that we not let any concerns linger, as many of these concerns can often be corrected if they are addressed early on.
    Although this is only September, our school year will go by quickly. June will fall upon us sooner than we all wish. Our classroom door is open for you to join us in learning and to share your expertise! Please do not hesitate to be a part of our learning environment. As a team, we can help your child grow both academically and socially. I look forward to working with you and your child.

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