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    By Cathy-Dee

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    I posted below too, so this will be similar.

    First again my heart goes out to all of you. I still have the news on and can't believe all that has happened.

    I agree that you should talk to your administration, perhaps things will be in place when you arrive in the morning. Some schools may end up bringing in counsellors, etc.,

    Personally I truly believe that although we want to be honest with our students, it is during a time like this that these children want reassurance that their world is safe. You don't have to lie and say everything will be fine. You can acknowledge that what has happened is terrible and scary, but that you are confident that your government, their parents and those around them including the school are doing everything possible to ensure this never happens again and that everyone will be safe. Then either change the focus and get back into your routine or find ways to deal with the situation positively by writing letters, making cards, thinking of ways to help, etc.,

    Quite often when tragedy strikes, one of the first responses is for people to get back to work, etc., I think this is one of our ways to cope with the situation. So for our students, they need to normalcy of their regular work to help them to cope with how scary their world has become.

    And I also think it's important for them to know that it's ok to feel scared, angry, and any other feeling they may have. And that they can talk with you at recess, the Principal, the counsellor, etc., if they feel the need.

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