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    don't want to go to school today
    By courtney

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    I really don't want to go to school today. While our school is not physically close to the atttack area (I live in the south), I was mad, and then furious, when I found out HOURS later what had happened. Our principal decided to treat us like children, and she did not mention a THING to us. One of our teachers (during her break period), answered the phone (secretary was talking on another line), and a parent asked if we were going to dismiss school. The teacher, who knew NOTHING about what had happened--since our principal didn't say a word, asked why we would dismiss school. The parent explain what had happened. That particular teacher, who answered the phone, has a daughter who lives in rural PENN. and had relatives who she knew were supposed to be flying out of Boston--luckily, they left the night before. She was in total SHOCK and came and told all of us what had happened. WE don't have televisions in our rooms, and all of our computers were down due to our system upgrading all of the internet connections. Anyway, the principal went through the entire day and never mentioned a thing to us! I would not have brought it up with my children, but I feel like she should have informed us. While I realize that my vent is stupid in the light of what happened today, I was, and still am frustrated with her actions. Plus, of course, she didn't discuss how we were to handle this today, and I bet that she doesn't bring it up. I am glad that several of you told how you plan to handle it. At least I have some idea of what to do. God bless all of those who have friends and family that were personally touched by this tragedy.

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