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    WTC and prayers
    By Cathy-Dee

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    As a Canadian I was not as affected by this terrible tradegy as those of you closer to where everything has happened. But as I watched the news this morning (after being woken up by my brother who does live in the States in Denver) I was just sick and horrified at what happened. My staff seemed like zombies today, going through the motions. Our thoughts and prayers have been with all of you through this day and will continue to be so in the days to come.

    I haven't had to deal with my students yet, but I'm sure even they will have questions and fears. With younger children I think it's important to not make it into a big issue in the classroom. Older children you might be able to discuss more details.

    Personally... I think it's important that the children are allowed to show their fears and question what has happened. I also think that in many cases these children need their school and classroom to be as normal as possible. Their world is small and things are scary outside right now, so they need to feel their little section of the world is safe and "normal". So I would proceed with a regular routine for the next few days. Later when things are more in focus, more details are known, and everyone is over the initial shock, then as a class you can discuss perhaps things you can do to help those who are affected by this tragedy. Again I'm talking from the perspective of first or second grade. Older students may be ready to deal with some of this earlier.

    And I think that all kids regardless need to hear that their parents and their leaders and teachers are doing everything possible to ensure that everyone else in the States (and in Canada) are safe. And that we don't need to be worried and scared that something else is going to happen. It will be bad enough that we adults have to worry about such things, but we need our children to have the sense of security regardless of our fears.

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