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    Service Learning Projects
    By Tracy

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    During college I was required to include a Service Learning Project each term. These are some that I and fellow classmates did.

    Contact your local Burea of Land Management and help plant trees in the local area. They even went as far as digging the holes, leaving a marker for each child to put their name on it, and laid each tree right by the spot it was to go in.

    Another idea is to go to a local grocey store and ask for some large paper bags for your class to decorate. Have the kids decorate them with slogans and pictures about recycling. Then take them back to the store for them to use for the customers. This gives each customer a one of a kind bag and gets the message out about recycling.

    Here is one more, have your students decorate a 16" X 16" fabric square with the help of a parent. Each child is responsible for one letter of the alphabet. Then have a volunteer stitch them together to make an alphabet book. Donate the book to a local preschool or Head Start Program. The students could deliver the book and read stories to the younger kids or just spend time with the little ones while they are there.

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